Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am still alive!

Long time no post.

It is winter now and things are not so good.  The weather is too cold for summer crops and it appears too hot for winter crops.  My cauliflower and broccoli have both gone to seed because of hot weather.  Spring is upon us, so I am starting new seedlings so that I can get a head start...

I have Trout in the system right now, and they are getting quite big.  Will be eating some of them soon.  The Chest freezer is back in commission, and working AWESOME!  - it is nicely sealed (it took ages) and the tilapia are as happy as, well fish in water.  As soon as the system water heats up, I will put the remaining trout in the chest freezer, and use it as a keep-cool tank.  I plan to add a block of ice every day to keep it chilly.  The tilapia will then move back into the system.  I also plan to trap some bluegill fish and use that in the system.  Will post pictures soon!