Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spring is here and I have killed my fish!!

Spring is FINALLY here!!

A lot has been going on...  Sorry for not posting for so long.  Fact is that not much has been happening.
I managed to kill all my trout by sheer stupidity.  Re-planted my DWC system with some tomatoes and basil.  Also made a fishtrap with some success..  I further added a new growbed, and I introduced a few local bass to my system.  Feeding them with "reject" koi from a local breeder.  I still have some tilapia that made it through the winter.  Planning on having a number of litters to feed the bass.  Check out the pics..

Plants currently in the system:
* 1 tomato that survived the winter (doing very well)
* a bunch of new tomato,s different varieties
* cucumbers
* peas
* squash
* corn
* mango
* chilli
* paprika
* green peppers
* basil (two types)
* Thyme
* Parsley
* lemon Balm
* Oregano
Wow.  Did not realise it was that much...



  1. Wow, you have many lists of plants planted in your system! That's great! While others are having trouble maintaining varieties of plants, you managed to have them all.

  2. Good deal. That is a lot of veges you are planting. Any update so far?