Sunday, January 23, 2011

Earth vs Aquaponics: Some comparison photos

Hi again.

Its been 2 weeks since I have planted the tomato seedlings into the growbed.  Interesting thing is that I kept two of the seedlings apart and planted them into a pot with potting soil.  I watered each of the two potty plants every day (twice on the really hot days), and they seem to be doing well.  But if I put the plant next to those in the growbed, there is just no comparison...  In the picture I have the two potties and next to them a row of the exact same tomatoes, planted the same day..

VERY goodlooking tomato plant in growbed..

Potty plant, in good shape, but not close... 
Notice how the potty plant is very thin and its green is sort of pale when compared to the one in the Growbed..

COOL huh?

In other news, my peas don't seem to have made it.  They were planted out the same day as the tomatoes, but I think the sun burnt them too badly..

One other thing is I have finally installed a GSM Commander on my setup.  The GSM Commander is used to monitor for power failure, and also control my irrigation system.  I plan to hook up the aquaponics to it in all sorts of ways.  Going to be monitoring temperatures, flood/drain cycles, flow rates and who knows what else..  The big battery is for powering the big 12v air pump that will provide my emergency aeration.   Notice the huge amount of empty space left for the undefined stuff I am still going to add..

NEXT: I will be posting a proper video tour of the entire setup. 

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