Monday, January 24, 2011

Tomatoes are going like a boeing

I checked the tomatoes again today.

I swear those plants are popping steroids.  I am sure I am exaggerating, but they appear to have grown an inch overnight. The first week went by without much apparent growth.  I think the seedlings take a small while to recover from the planting, and the roots need time to spread and to go down deeper into the growbed.  It appears they have the hang of it now, and it is just crazy..

Doesn't look like the chillies and peppers are growing at the same sort of rate.  Not much apparent difference between the aquaponic guys and the potties.  But maybe I should have them next to each other for better comparison.

Busy inventing a new solids-collecting system for the fishtanks.  Problem is always to effectively remove solids without running the risk of losing fish via the same holes that are supposed to pick up the solids..  Will give more info soon...

If anyone is reading this, I would love for some of you to leave some comments...  Maybe a question or two?

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