Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My first post via email

Hi again

Wanted to check if I could really post via email...
While I am here, I will give another installment on the story..

Aquaponics (AP) uses 3 main methods to house the plants.  These are Deep water culture (DWC, also referred to as Rafting), and Flood-&-drain growbeds.
I did say 3 methods.  The third one is called NFT, and I am not going to discuss that now..

My current system consists of a FishTank (FT), a Swirl filter, a SumpTank (ST), a Grow Bed (GB) and a Smallfry fishtank.
Today I will discuss the swirl filter.  Basically a conically shaped plastic container, where water is pumped into the container at its midsection.  The water enters at an angle, so as to create a circular flow inside (also called a swirl or vortex).  Solids tend to move towards the middle in a vortex, and they collect at the bottom.  Clean water exists the filter at the top.  In my filter, I also have a lot of japanese matting inside, (drifting on top) which provides a whole lot of surface area for my bacteria to live in.  (biofiltration)

I hope this post-via-email thing works...

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